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We talk all day long and have, admittedly, a bias towards the benefits that we provide to our clients and candidates.  We thought we may stop talking for a bit, so you can hear what other people are saying about us...




“At first, I was very hesitant to start working with another recruitment firm. However, Source Medical let me work with them on a trial basis, without immediately signing a contract. Within two months, I  scheduled two site visits with one leading to a placement and signed a full contingency contract with Source Medical. Since then, I've cancelled 5 other search agencies because Source Medical is a super-source for candidates and they work with me in the way that I want them to and never send me junk candidates.” 

-          Phyllis, Director of Recruitment, Virginia



“My hospital has worked with several recruitment firms in the past and none have demonstrated the degree of knowledge, professionalism and discretion as Source Medical. It is amazing to work with a recruitment firm that helps me save time by actually screening and pre-interviewing candidates to ensure they are qualified before I ever see there name. I receive every candidate with the highest degree of confidence that Source Medical has fulfilled their due-dilligence.” 


-          Joselyn, Hospital Recruiter, Iowa 



“It is with great pleasure that I would recommend Source Medical for your recruitment needs.  They are among the hardest working recruiters I have ever experienced.  They follow through as promised and are more thorough than any firm I have worked with in my 27 years as a hospital CEO”. 

-          George, CEO, Louisiana



“Source Medical is a first-rate physician recruitment firm.  They have been successfully recruiting physicians for my health system for more than 7 years and continue to provide the same outstanding service as they did when we first hired them.  While hard working and diligent, the team and Source Medical has always been consistent and a pleasure to work with.”  

-          Pat, Director of Recruiting, Illinois



 “I signed a contract with Source Medical in 2004 and have been very happy with the service I have received from all of their recruiters.  I have found the Source Medical team to be very competent and diligent in submitting relevant candidates that are truly interested in our opportunity.  This is very important for me as an in house recruiter for a rural hospital system and is, unfortunately, not the case with all recruiters or firms.”  

-          Michelle, Director of Recruiting, Missouri



 “I have been working with Source Medical for several years and have always found them to be among the utmost professionals in the business.  They provide me with a thorough profile on all physician candidates so that I am able to proceed with a great deal of confidence.  They are sensitive to time frames and constraints and always demonstrate understanding for my situation as well as excellent work ethic.”  

-          Lana, Director of Business Development, Texas 




 “The marketing department at Source Medical is by far the best I've worked with in the industry. As a rural provider in Southwest Kansas, it can be hard to find and appeal to top talent. Source Medical has shattered all of my expectations and has made my job as the only recruiter at this hospital, a whole lot easier.”  


-          Darlene, Hospital Recruiter, Kansas