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Sandra Thomas, Marketing ManagerSandi

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Sandi grew up in a military family that frequently moved throughout Europe and the United States (she developed German as her second language, and is nearly fluent in it.) She has family ties in California, Washington, Ohio, New York and Georgia, but settled down where her father retired - St. Louis, MO.

After several years of working in management for customer service corporations in the U.S., she started a family and has settled in quite nicely with her permanent home at Source Medical as our consultants’ main support aide and marketing specialist. Sandra plays a dynamic support role at Source Medical, assisting with candidate acquisition, marketing, research, and office administration.Sandra has a B.A. in Communications from Lindenwood University and has worked at Source Medical for four years.

In addition to her professional role at Source Medical, Sandra has a positive impact on the company’s culture by spreading her positive energy, collaborating with her colleagues on marketing matters, and planning company events.

“I have found a strong sense of pride supporting our family here at Source Medical. Our hard working team genuinely respects each other as well as every one of our Physicians, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare system clients throughout the country. They take care of us, and our families, and they deserve a true genuine service. I feel blessed to be a part of that.”

In her spare time, Sandi enjoys photography, Missouri’s independent film scene, speed walking and is a big time soccer fan. She also enjoys history research which is why on her time off, you may find her rolling down one of the many Midwest rivers learning about the journeys taken on these waters long before the U.S. came to be.



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