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Source Medical can play an essential part in your search for quality physicians and mid-level practitioners because of our flexibility and innovative approach to sourcing candidates. Our database of candidates includes over 400,000 physicians and 30,000 mid-level practitioners—this figures accounts for over half of all physicians qualified to practice in the US.

Our Senior Consultants have over 130 years' of combined experience in healthcare recruitment and marketing. Too many recruitment firms are filled with recruiters who barely qualify candidates for opportunities and blindly send our candidate CV’s to providers with the hope something works out. At Source Medical, we don’t waste anyone’s’ time with unqualified candidates or candidates who have not approved being presented to a client.

At Source Medical, we understand our clients’ situation and seek to find the most effective and efficient manner to work with our very busy clientele. Please read on to discover why Source Medical is the premiere recruitment firm for your physician and mid-level needs.


Benefits of Working with Source Medical


Vast Candidate Pool of Top Talent That is Continuously Growing—

  • Candidate pool of over 400,000 physicians – over half of all U.S. Physicians  
  • We are one of the only recruitment firms that uses Doximity’ s Talent Finder™ platform; giving us the ability to source and market to an additional 10,000 candidates every month
  • Constantly growing candidate pool using:
    • 20 online candidate sources
    • Professionally search-optimized company website that lists all physician opportunities
    • Residency & Fellowship lists
    • Partnerships with physician organizations
    • Hundreds of annual referrals
    • Journal Ad Placements
    • Direct outreach to candidates via direct marketing at medical schools, professional conferences and digital marketing
    • Direct Mail Campaigns

Our Consultants are Marketing & Recruitment Experts –

  • Senior Consultants at Source Medical have an average of 17 years’ recruitment experience
  • Every week our Team of Consultants:
    • Send over 225 practice opportunities to over 44,000 candidates via mass e-mail with a 1.5% response rate
    • Directly communicate with over 1000 candidates
    • Post every new job opportunity on 14 different job boards & recruitment platforms
  • All Senior Consultants have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Public Relations, or Communication

Clients &Technology Drive Us—

  • Our collaborative approach ensures that our team and each individual is putting forth the best possible marketing plan for our clients
  • Every Senior Consultant has extensive experience working with hard-to-place opportunities in geographically isolated areas – our strategic presentations focus on the features and benefits of unique opportunities
  • Our state-of-the-art CRM system allows our clients to personalize the way we work with them – whether you just want one contact at our company or have preferred methods for presentations – we will follow whatever communication protocol established by our clients
  • The business has changed and so have we – our Consultants utilize all channels of communication: e-mail, phone, fax, digital campaigns, electronic job boards, text messages, social media pages, recruitment platforms, chat/messenger services, and even aps like Snapchat to communicate with candidates and deliver opportunities
  • We are one of the only recruitment firms using Doximity’s Talent Finder™ — a powerful emerging physician recruitment platform that is being hailed as the LinkedIn© for physicians and healthcare professionals

Results Validate Us—

  • On average, our Consultants make a placement every 6 days and have done so for the past 10 years
  • We are relocation specialist—87% of our placements are relocations
  • Candidates accept our clients’ offers at a rate of 56%
  • 96% of our placements are still working for our clients 120 days after start
  • Our annual client retention rate is 88%
  • In 2013, we added over 300 new partnerships with healthcare providers
  • New Job Orders:
    • 65% of the time, we present qualified candidates for a new job order within 20 weeks
    • 82% of the time, we present qualified candidates for a new job order within 60 days
    • 91% of all job orders are presented a qualified candidate within 100 days of the listing
    • On average, each new job order receives 7 candidate presentations within 100 days
  • Over 65% of our placements occur in rural areas or towns with a population of less than 50,000

We Learned From The Best

Owner Keith A. Long is a legend in the recruiting industry, dating back to 1970 when he established his first recruiting firm. 

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