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At Source Medical, we understand how important flexibility and customization to your organization is. That’s because we work across the healthcare spectrum with national healthcare systems, hospital networks, large and small hospitals, multi-specialty groups, academic programs, urgent care providers/clinics, physician sponsored networks, governmental providers, managed care organizations, single specialty practices, and solo practices.

Our Director of Marketing & Business Development will help you identify and customize the solution that will work best for your organization.

These services are offered for all physician, mid-level, and administrative placements:

Contingency Searches— In a contingency search, a flat fee is paid after a placement is made and there is no degree. Some recruitment firms charge as much as $30-35k per placement, however, our fees are much lower than other firms because we’ve developed a highly efficient system that allows us to work on volume—to help your organization save thousands of dollars.

Semi-Retained Searches— In a retained search, a flat placement fee is typically paid to a recruiter upfront, and gives the firm the exclusive/sole right to recruit for the opportunity. However, at Source Medical we only require a small retainer that is a fraction of the placement fee. We don’t bill the placement fee for retained searches until AFTER a candidate has signed. Also, you can cancel your search at any time and still fill the position yourself.

Strategic Marketing Services— For organizations with in-house recruiters who need marketing assistance, we’ve developed an array of powerful marketing services to fit your needs we’ve coined “Plan B”. Although this is our least utilized service option, we have a remarkable degree of marketing success and are eager to show you how affordable, efficient and effective these services are. Clients have been pleasantly surprised to find that, in most cases, we have been able to maintain costs at or below $2,000.

Confidential Searches— We specialize in conducting confidential and sensitive searches. If you have a need that is not appropriate for more traditional marketing platforms, we are experts at identifying candidates in your area (and elsewhere) that would be a perfect match for your organization. These confidential searches can be conducted on a retained or contingency basis.

Practice Sales— Looking to sell your practice or bring on a partner? We can help identify potential buyers and partners!

Professional Marketing Materials— Need a marketing professional to craft the perfect message for your opportunity? Have Source Medical produce your team’s marketing materials so you can stay focused on recruitment.

Consulting— Is your team struggling? Learn how to make your process more efficient and effective by tapping a team that has over 120 years of combined recruitment experience. Not only are we industry leaders, but we produce them—several Consultants from Source Medical have gone on to create their own top recruitment and consulting firms.




Source Medical uses a time-tested formula to insure that the highest quality candidates are identified, vetted, and professionally presented for your opportunities.

Our process consists of the following definable steps:

  1. Needs Assessment – We listen carefully to learn exactly what you are looking for in a candidate in order to develop an “Ideal Candidate Profile” that will be used by our Consultants to ensure that we are only presenting qualified candidates.
  2. Production of Marketing Resources – After we learn about your opportunity and target candidate profile, we craft collateral that is strategically worded and designed to maximize candidate responses.
  3. Candidate Identification – Marketing materials are deployed across a stream of channels to reach candidates within our database and beyond. On average, we receive 11 responses within 24 hours of the launch of a new job order.
  4. Candidate Screening – Our Consultants use the job order’s profile to ensure candidates are qualify for the opportunity. Then, Consultants verify employment, certification, references, all past and current state licenses, and conduct a basic background check on the candidate.
  5. Candidate Presentation – We use an interactive web-based presentation that allows candidates to view our Consultants’ screens to present the opportunity, organization, and community, allowing for a 360-degree view of each qualified opportunity.
  6. Client Presentation – Consultants present the candidate to your organization quickly, using the protocols you specify. Follow-up questions are always welcome and answered within the same day.
  7. Candidate Interview – Whenever a candidate is presented, Consultants will have already identified several opportunities for you to speak to a candidate within the next 10 days. We further assist in coordinating the site visit, and conducting post-visit interviews with the candidates to get feedback or help move the process forward. Prior to scheduling any site visit, our Consultants conduct an extensive reference checks and provide you with a detailed report.
  8. Negotiation – After an offer is made, we aide clients in ensuring that the candidate quickly signs the contract and returns to your organization. In the event of a complex negotiation, our Senior Leadership meets to discuss the best course of action, providing you with decades of negotiation experience.
  9. Successful Placement – When a placement is made, we guarantee that the candidate will credential with your organization and remain on the job for 90 days—otherwise we will provide you with a refund for the placement.
  10. Placement Debrief – Following each placement, our Client Relations Specialist reaches out to ensure you were happy with our services and identify ways to improve the customized process in which we work with you.