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Alan Hollingsworth, Marketing Manageralan2

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Alan has been a major part of the Source Medical support team for quite a while. He started at the company in 2004 and initially helped with researching leads and troubleshooting in-house technical problems.

Since then he has risen to the level of Advertising Manager and now primarily oversees the composing of job advertisements and marketing emails. The organization of our third-party resources and avenues is managed solely by Alan. He is also part of the team that maintains our own website, so it seems that he has a role in several different functions.

“Some people like simple, boring jobs. I’m not one of those people which is why I’ve been at Source Medical for so long.”

Prior to joining Source Medical, Alan worked in printing studios and creative services. He holds an A.A.S. in Graphic Communication from St. Louis Community College and is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communication at Lindenwood University. His studying takes up most of his free time, but just like anybody else – he relishes his summer weekends.




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