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Designing a medical CV is a deceptively challenging task. In theory, it seems easy to give a straightforward summary of your career so far. In reality, it’s laborious and difficult to design a piece of paper that, in less than a minute, accurately portrays what you’ve done so far, who you are,and what benefit you might offer an organization.

 We suggest the following best practices:

1 . Keep formatting clean, open and don’t be afraid of white space. Resist any urge you may have to cram your CV with lots of small type. Do not use creative fonts, borders or bullet points.

2. Give specific dates and align them to right side of page. You want your CV to look like a list of dates. Be sure you properly title your position and the organization for the reader to see first.

3. List most recent activities first under headings.

4. Include clinical interests, skills, and special training.

5. Always include citizenship status, board certification/eligibility status, contact information (e-mail, phone, address) and all state licenses.

6. Don’t give away too much personal information.
Certain activities, associations, hobbies, and other details can unwittingly cause concern. However, personal biographical information about yourself and family can be helpful and pique the interest of internal recruiters. Use discretion when attaching a photo to your CV. 

7. Write an accompanying cover letter to help explain potential issues. If you have any gaps in your work history, changed residency programs, switched practices often, haven't finished board exams after 3 years, worked several locum tenens or were suspended or reprimanded or have several malpractices cases, it is best to write a cover letter than acknowledges and explains the issue. This will ensure that your CV is not overlooked due to a potential issue and that you appear as a helpful and forthcoming candidate. 

 For advice, professional assistance, aesthetic edits or to ask a question, click on the link below to submit your CV for review or to ask our team a question:

Please use this link to submit your CV via e-mail to the panel or request assistance from our Consultants

CV Writing Assistance & Links:

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